You Could Need a Tummy Tuck, Even if You Exercise

Posted on: February 16, 2018

Just because someone exercises does not mean they will not need a tummy tuck. In fact, many of the patients that visit us for this popular procedure do so because they have been dieting and exercising and have found that once they have lost weight, they still have a lot of saggy skin around their mid-section. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially for someone who has dedicated a significant amount of time to trying to get in shape. Unfortunately, losing weight is not always enough to firm and tighten the waist. Anyone who is in this situation should consider visiting us to learn more about this popular procedure.

Why doesn’t the skin automatically tighten?

When dieting, the body begins to use stored fat for fuel. This allows the body to burn fat and to melt away some of the extra pounds. Fat loss and weight loss will change a person’s overall size. However, it is not always enough to change a person’s overall shape, other than simply making a person smaller. This is where exercise comes in. When a person exercises, it is possible to begin developing muscle tone. Some of the skin will become tighter in response to this. However, if a person has lost a significant amount of weight, it is very likely that the skin used to cover significantly more body mass. Therefore, once the weight has been lost, the skin can appear to be loose or sagging, even though the weight has been lost and the muscle underneath has been toned. It is simply that the skin was stretched out and now it is no longer covering that much body mass.

How can a tummy tuck help?

When we complete a tummy tuck procedure, we are able to take that excess skin and tighten it. Sometimes, excess skin will even need to be removed. It really depends on the amount of excess skin that a person has once they have completed their weight loss efforts. The results are a waistline that is flat, smooth and shapely. When we are done there will be no excess, loose or jiggly skin.

How can liposuction help?

If there is any fat remaining after dieting and exercising, we can remove it through liposuction before completing the tummy tuck. Many of our patients ask us to do so because they are still dissatisfied with the size or circumference of their waist. It is important to remember that a tummy tuck alone is not designed to remove excessive and unwanted fat. It is designed to remove the excess skin, tighten and create a smooth and shapely waistline. Therefore, it may be necessary to complete the procedures in tandem to reach the desired effect. We can make a recommendation after completing an examination and discussing goals and objectives.

See what we can do for you

We encourage anyone who is dissatisfied with their appearance, whether it is the size and shape of their waist, breasts, thighs or even face, to schedule an appointment with our office. We will be happy to complete an examination and consultation, discussing the many options that are available for improving one’s appearance with plastic surgery. We are in the business of creating beautiful results. To learn more, call our office today.