Who is a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

Posted on: November 16, 2017

If you are unsatisfied with your appearance due to sagging skin on the face or neck, it may be wise to consider a facelift. This is a common plastic surgery that is quite effective for helping patients to look and feel younger. We have found that our patients are incredibly satisfied with the transformation and encourage you to learn more about the procedure.

Who is a good candidate for a facelift?

Adults who are in moderate to good health are a good candidate for having this type of plastic surgery. There are some conditions that increase the risk of surgery, such as diabetes or an immune disorder. Additionally, those who smoke need to be careful when planning surgery so it is often wise for smokers to quit smoking prior to scheduling this procedure. Otherwise, virtually any adult who is struggling with sagging skin on the face or neck can benefit from visiting our clinic and learning more about a facelift. As a plastic surgery clinic, we can address all types of aesthetic problems to improve the overall appearance of our patients. If this procedure is not the best solution to resolve a particular challenge, we can let you know that during the consultation and make a different recommendation. For example, if a facelift would be partially effective but something like a rhinoplasty or chin surgery should be completed at the same time, we can let patients know that as well. Our goal is to produce incredible results that make our patients proud to look in the mirror; and with that in mind, our recommendations are quite comprehensive.

Plan ahead

A facelift is a plastic surgery and one that we complete with great care and preparation. We encourage anyone who is considering this as an option to plan ahead since there will be a recovery time involved. It is best to have the procedure completed when a person can take some time off work. It is typically best to spend a couple weeks at home prior to returning to the office, though it can certainly be possible to work remotely if that is an option. Because of this, many of our patients will plan for the procedure around their prescheduled vacation dates.

A facelift can be transformative

One of the reasons that patients visit our clinic for a facelift is because they are tired of having an aged appearance. This can be true regardless of how old someone is physically. When the skin on the face begins to sag and become loose, it can make a person appear far older, even if they are only in their 30s or 40s. This is something that both men and women struggle with, so by completing this procedure, it is possible to reverse that common sign of aging.

This is becoming popular with men

Because many men struggle with sagging neck skin and jowls as they age, this procedure is becoming one of the more popular plastic surgeries for men. Since this area of the body cannot be reshaped using exercise and sometimes will not even respond to diet, surgery can be one of the only ways to tighten the skin around the face and neck.

The results are stunning

Anyone who is looking for a dramatic improvement to their appearance should consider plastic surgery. A facelift is one of the many ways that we can transform our patients’ appearance and help them to look their very best. To learn more about this particular procedure or to discuss which type of plastic surgery could be right for you, call our clinic and schedule a consultation today.