Cosmetic Surgery for Accident Victims and Cancer Survivors

Posted on: March 16, 2018

We perform cosmetic surgery for patients who have been in an accident or who have needed surgery due to an illness like cancer. We understand how truly traumatic accidents can be. It can be incredibly difficult for someone who has gone through a life-altering and life-threatening event to handle the emotional and mental stress put upon them by the circumstances. When combined with unsuspected or unanticipated physical changes, it can feel as though the trauma from the accident or illness is ongoing. We can help by restoring the physical appearance of a patient who is going through something so dramatic.

Surgery with care

We provide empathetic guidance for patients who are in this situation. We understand that by the time the patient is visiting us, they may have been undergoing intensive care, rehabilitation or other serious medical treatments to get to this point. For many, the idea of undergoing an additional surgery can be rather daunting. We are empathetic to this but are also certain that part of the recovery process should be recovering a person’s appearance. This goes a long way in helping people to feel like themselves, an emotional and mental switch that must take place for the recovery to truly be complete.


Traditionally, typical health insurance does not pay for cosmetic surgery. However, if the surgery is necessary to physically recover after an accident, for example, it may be covered. We will be happy to discuss this in person on a case-by-case basis and provide patients with suggestions or guidance.

Planning for success

In situations like these, we will take additional steps to plan for a successful treatment that will typically involve coordination with a patient’s primary care physician, oncologist, rehabilitation specialist, etc. Essentially, anytime a patient comes to us after going through a physical trauma, we will want to work with the physician who has been treating them to ensure that the timing is ideal and can complement their health-related medical treatments. For example, women who come to us after having a mastectomy for breast cancer will need to wait until the oncologist feels that is the appropriate time to have a breast augmentation completed. This is to give our patients the best opportunity for improving their appearance but also ensuring that the recovery goes smoothly.

Types of procedures

We perform cosmetic surgery with great success. The types of procedures we are going to recommend is going to be entirely based on the individual needs of each patient. Before we can make a recommendation we will need to conduct a thorough examination and learn more about a patient’s goals and objectives. Just know that if one procedure or multiple are necessary, we have the skill, ability, and expertise necessary to complete the procedure in an effective and flattering way.

Learn more about your options

To learn how we can assist you specifically, call and schedule an appointment today. We would be happy to answer your questions in detail and show examples of what we have done in the past.