Cosmetic Surgery for Accident Victims and Cancer Survivors

We perform cosmetic surgery for patients who have been in an accident or who have needed surgery due to an illness like cancer. We understand how truly traumatic accidents can be. It can be incredibly difficult for someone who has … Continued

Reconstructive Surgery After Breast Cancer

We provide reconstructive surgery for cancer patients. This is most common with women who have had breast cancer and needed a partial or full mastectomy as a result. Breast cancer can be absolutely debilitating from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective. … Continued

Plastic Surgery Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

When making New Year’s resolutions, consider how plastic surgery can help to achieve some of your goals. One of the biggest problems with making resolutions is that they are incredibly difficult to keep. This is why most people will give … Continued

Welcome to Dr. Femovich Plastic Surgery

We are committed to providing quality service to residents located In the Erie, PA area. Our website has additional information about the following topics: Plastic Surgery, Skin Cancer Treatment, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Face Lift, Neck Lift, Plastic Surgeon Near … Continued