A Skin Cancer Treatment and Restorative Surgery After

Posted on: April 16, 2018

Scheduling a skin cancer treatment right away after being diagnosed with cancer is absolutely critical. With cancer, how quickly a patient is treated can often make a difference between whether they beat the disease or succumb to it. This makes early diagnosis and treatment absolutely essential for successfully beating the disease. We recommend anyone who has received this diagnosis to call us immediately and schedule a consultation so that we can begin discussing treatment options.

Compassionate care

We offer patients compassionate care. We understand the importance of receiving the help necessary to beat the disease. We also understand the necessity for us to provide it in a way that is empathetic and encouraging. We view ourselves as a healthcare partner that is here along this journey to help our patients beat the disease and reach the other side.

Consider all treatment options

Before starting a skin cancer treatment, it is wise to consider all available treatment solutions so that the right one can be chosen. We will make recommendations but, ultimately, we believe that a patient is the final authority when it comes to their care and we are here to support our patient’s wishes. For example, some cancer patients are willing to have surgery while others would rather try chemotherapy only. These are all highly personal decisions and ones that need to be made with the help of a physician.

Our skin cancer treatment

Patients who visit us for plastic surgery after dealing with skin cancer regularly need reconstructive surgery. The portion of the skin that was cancerous will often need to be removed and a skin graft completed. Even if this is as simple as removing cancerous moles and the surrounding tissue, it can negatively impact a person’s appearance. Our goal is to restore it so that our patients can experience a full recovery – one that restores their health and their appearance. We understand that skin cancer, or any cancer, is something that can ravage the body, mind, and spirit. Fighting this disease takes a lot out of a person. It can make them feel run down, stressed, emotionally spent and defeated. If reconstructive surgery is not performed, any changes to the skin or appearance will serve as constant reminders of that struggle. We do not wish this for our patients but instead, want to help them recover and to move forward with their life. By restoring their appearance we can help to make this possible. The exact nature of a surgery and whether we help patients by removing cancerous cells or restoring their appearance after the fact will be determined by each patient’s individual health. Therefore, we need to complete an exam prior to discussing specific treatment details.

Call for help

We are here to provide skin cancer treatment that is going to provide patients with the highest likelihood of beating the disease and returning to their normal life. In order to do this, we need to see patients as quickly as possible, so if you think you have skin cancer or have already been diagnosed with us, call and schedule an appointment immediately.