7 Reasons to Visit Our Dermatology Office

Posted on: June 16, 2018

dermatology There are many reasons to schedule a dermatology appointment. Still, most adults go through life without visiting a doctor to discuss the condition and health of their skin. Instead, they continue to visit a family physician for everything. This is a mistake because a family physician is a doctor for general health concerns. They hold a lot of information about many health topics, but they do not have the depth of knowledge about specific issues regarding skin health. We do and always encourage anyone to schedule an appointment to discuss the following: 1. Skin cancer We recommend that people have their skin checked for abnormalities that could indicate cancer. These checkups should be done every couple of years. During these appointments, a special light can be used to see if there are any causes for concern that may require additional testing. With cancer, it is critical to identify and treat the issue as quickly as possible since this increases the likelihood of reaching a full remission. 2. Examining molds One cause of concern is moles that change in shape or color. Anyone who notices that their moles are changing should contact us to make sure that this is not a sign of skin cancer. 3. Very itchy skin When lotion is not sufficient to restore the skin’s moisture and prevent massive itching, it is wise to schedule an appointment with our office. This could be a sign of eczema, a rash that can be treated with the use of a topical medication. 4. Psoriasis Those who struggle with psoriasis require medication to clear up their skin. It will not go away on its own, so it is necessary to schedule a dermatology appointment for help. We encourage anyone who has had this problem for years to visit us to discuss some of the new medications that are on the market. They tend to be more effective than ones that were prescribed in the past. 5. Wrinkles and fine lines In our dermatology office, we also help to improve the appearance of our patients’ skin. Those who have fine lines and wrinkles may feel that they appear older than they are or feel less attractive than they would like to. We can help to address some of these skin issues, reducing wrinkles and fine lines using a variety of methods like Botox. Other solutions may also be tried such as a laser skin peel or topical creams. 6. Sun damage Other patients visit us because they do not like how sun damage has caused them to have brown spots on their face, neck, and chest. We have minimally invasive procedures that can help to reduce the appearance of sunspots and restore the skin to a more youthful and healthy appearance. 7. Red and blotchy skin We also help patients who have red or blotchy spots across their skin. These can be caused by a rash or maybe present on a daily basis. Through topical creams and oral medications, we can help to reduce these flare-ups. 8. Acne and acne scars Acne can be incredibly embarrassing and so can the scars that it leaves behind. We help patients by preventing breakouts, treating them as they occur and helping to reduce the appearance of acne scars after the fact.

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Regardless of what concerns you have about your skin, we are here to help. Schedule an appointment with our dermatology office today to explore some of the procedures we offer. We are confident that we can help to improve the appearance and texture of your skin and will be happy to discuss the available options for doing so. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Femovich Plastic Surgery, request an appointment in our Seneca  office here: https://www.drdavidfemovich.com/. Or call us at 1-814-676-8000.