What is TouchMD?

Call our office at (888) 780-4200 to get your personal code to register at myTouchMD.comTouchMD is designed to help you as a patient be better informed and aware of your medical experiences with Dr. Femovich. We provide this web portal as a free service to all patients so that you may relive the experience you had in our exam room.

With TouchMD You Can:

As Dr. Femovich adds new staff members, case studies, and guidelines, myTouchMD will stay updated so you always have the latest at your finger tips.

Registration ScreenshotRegistation is Simple:

  1. Contact our office at (888) 780-4200 to get your personal code
  2. Click here or on the "myTouchMD" button at the top right of our website
  3. You will then be taken to TouchMD's website
  4. In the bottom right corner of myTouchMD's website, click on the Register/New Patients box (see screenshot)
  5. Fill out the short registation form.....and your done!


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