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OMNILUX LED SystemOmnilux LED System

Introducing OMNILUX, a pain-free L.E.D. light therapy for patients with acne

Treating acne successfully while minimizing adverse effects has long been a challenge. Omnilux has successfully met that challenge. The blue and red light therapy significantly reduces inflamed acne lesions with no side effects.

Omnilux works for all age groups, from teens to adults, and is an ideal solution for those who want to avoid potentially harmful oral antibiotics or inefficient topical medications.

Omnilux is a painless drug-free solution for acne suffers. A typical course of treatment can vary from 8 to 12 weeks, with each treatment lasting just 20 minutes.

Although some skin may soon appear clearer or better-toned, results usually begin to accrue within two or three weeks. Unlike many other devices, post-treatment redness does not occur in OMNILUX patients.


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