Post-Op Instructions

Call our office at (888) 780-4200 to get your personal code to register at myTouchMD.comPost-Operative instructions are available at myTouchMD. If you are not already registered for an account, contact our office at (888) 780-4200. Our friendly staff will provide you with a personal code that will allow you to create your account at

What is TouchMD?

TouchMD is designed to help you as a patient be better informed and aware of your medical experiences with Dr. Femovich. We provide this web portal as a free service to all of our patients so that you may relive the experience you had in our exam room.

TouchMDWith TouchMD You Can:

  • Learn more about Dr. Femovich and our staff and facilities
  • Explore videos about your procedure or medical condition
  • View or print any images saved during your office visit
  • Share your medical experience with your loved ones
  • And more...

As Dr. Femovich adds new staff members, case studies, and guidelines, myTouchMD will stay updated so you always have the latest at your finger tips.


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